Boost Your E-commerce Sales Using Instagram 100%

Instagram is one of the best platforms to share photos and videos with your friends and other people. But this platform is not only being used for the personal purpose but also used for the business purpose of generating leads and sales. Instagram features helps you to take your business to a new level. On Instagram 500 millionusers are active and 48.8% of brands use this platform that expects to rise 70% in next year through Instagram.

To generate the leads from Instagram you need to follow some basic steps like:-

Firstly Create an account on Instagram:

If you are creating your account for business purpose, then upload your company logo on the Instagram profile. And write a bio of 150 characters. Write as much as you want to describe your business in minimum words. After completing your profile you are ready to land your business on Instagram and generate leads from it.

Start posting regularly:

Do you know top brands post 4.9 times a week? So once you have an account on Instagram then you can start posting on it. Post your product and services in different ways using Instagram features.

Post high-quality images:

More than 40 billion photos are posted on Instagram daily. So if you want to post any product image on your profile then your image must be high quality and posted on Instagram users activation time.

Post slideshow of your business:

Upload images in the slideshow to show your services in a different way. This would help your followers understand your business easily.

Post Collage:

Post collages on your profile. That gives a different understanding to your followers. You can show a process in your collage images.

Upload content with Images:

Post an informative and short content related to your image. And one most important thing use hashtag in your content. Because by Using at least one hashtag, you can increase engagement around 12.6% more.Hashtags help to increase reaches of your post.

Post Videos:

Post your product and services videos to display your business in a better way. More than 15 billion videos daily posted on Instagram. Videos give better visibility to your business. And you can represent your business with an example of your services.

Use Buy now option:

Instagram gives you feature with buy now button. Here you can use this button with your product image and video. 75% of Instagram users take this action to visit a website. So if you use buy now button then there are chances to get the sale from there.

Use call to action:

Use call to action with your post, it will help to get better engagement. And if you represent your business in a useful way, then this will definitely be fruitful for you.

Follow, love, comment:

Don’t forget about your followers. Give priority to them. Follow them back, love their post and comment on their beautiful post. If you take care of them, then surely they will give you business or sales.

Instagram is full of lots of features that surely help you get sales and business if you use them properly. To show your business on Instagram, never forget to use your Instagram icon on your website. This is the platform where you can share your business with billions of users at one time. So what are you waiting for? Start selling on Instagram and grow your business rapidly.

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